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Chairman – Xiao Yang
Vice chairman of the working committee of small and medium sized enterprises of the China Petrochemical Industry Association
Vice president of Shenzhen Petrochemical Industry Association
Director of the Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce
Bachelor of Science in Applied Chemistry, Shenzhen University
Responsibility: the overall management of Feiyang Group

Company vision

Become a respectable modern chemical enterprise group. Feiyang will lead an industry take off once again with courage of malleable glorious dream and Look far ahead from a high plane.
Feiyang is a growing enterprise group, with a profound ambition to "make a respectable modern chemical enterprise group"! In this complex era, how many brands are going to die out, and how many companies are going to come, but a truly responsible and valuable business brand still comes from a successful business, from the deep heart of a successful business.

This is a nation with conscience and sense of responsibility. It expresses strong desire for development. It is also a company with conscience and sense of responsibility, which is a sincere and simple enterprising feeling. There is a foresight to have the future, and the vitality is valuable. Time and space are infinite, never stop struggling.

We firmly believe that: "Become a respectable modern chemical enterprise group" enterprise vision will be achieved and bright bloom!