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Feiyang work principle

Results oriented; efficient execution; wolves team style

The spirit of Feiyang 

Honesty: the cornerstone of enterprise management

Unity: to rely on the team to achieve the goal, not to advocate single fight

Cooperation: cooperate with each other, never betray

Innovation: only innovation can lead to development

The core competitiveness of Feiyang: technological innovation
The value of Feiyang talents: people oriented

Enterprise management thought: customer centered


Three characteristics of the Feiyang enterprise culture: wolf culture, innovation cultural and achievement culture

Wolf culture - three characteristics of wolf team

1. sharp sense of smell: learning and innovation

2. offensive spirit: only attack can make benefit.

3. groups of consciousness: team spirit, "celebrating if win, desperately rescue if fail"


Innovation culture - technology innovation

The company has persisted in technological innovation for many years and has done better in this respect. It is strong, but it still needs to be perfected.


Achievement culture

Strengthen the executive power; the staff should be efficient and effective.

The implementation of the accountability system: capable up, normal give place to other,incapable down", 

make employees who want to achieve their ambitions to play a greater role for the company to implement the elimination.

 It is hoped that the Feiyang staff will fully understand the culture of the Feiyang enterprise and take it as a guiding ideology for our work.

 Believe in the joint efforts of the Feiyang people, Feiyang will certainly take off!