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The Company Benefits


[Welfare System]

1.8 hours per week;

Enjoy national statutory holidays and holiday benefits;

Enjoy paid annual leave with salary;

2.Purchase five social insurance and one housing fund (Pension Insurance/Medical Insurance/Unemployment Insurance /Maternity Insurance /Injury Insurance and Housing Provident Fund);

 Arrange physical examination regularly, and provide you with perfect personal safety guarantee;

3.The company is located between the junction of Baoan and Nanshan, close to the subway and bus station, has convenient transportation;

  Free parking Spaces for employees;

 4.Equipped with canteen, supermarket and dormitory building in the park (Provide WIFI, elevator, TV, air conditioning, water heater), 24-hour monitoring of security guards;

5.The office environment is comfortable, office area is fashionable and low density office space, gym, book reading area, etc., guarantee your life quality;

6.The company is rich in construction activities, and organizes various outdoor development and tourism irregularly;

Team atmosphere is positive.

 [Salary and Incentive]

 1.We provide the competitive salary system, and give the performance bonus and annual performance reward according to the company operation indicators, work performance and individual contribution;

2.Annual fixed salary increase + flexible salary for special positions + flexible salary adjustment for special contributors, ensure each employee has earned a good value.

 [Development and promotion]

1.Can handle shenzhen household registration for outstanding new recruits;

2.Recommend high-level talents:

3.Encourage innovation research, respect intellectual property rights, and we provide special patent awards to the technical personnel who apply for technical patents successfully in the research;

4.The promotion path of this position is smooth, and multiple branches within the group can offer more opportunities for promotion.