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R&D and Innovation


Ⅰ、core competitiveness

Polyaspartic polyurea industrial chain system

We had developed over 20 grades of 100% solid content resins and 12 kinds of isocyanate curing agents, successfully obtained applications in automotive, anti-corrosion (Ocean), windmill blades, waterproofing, floor, adhesives, exterior wall materials and other fields.


Ⅱ、 patents and standards

1、Patent for invention 

◆ 201220431122.2 Polyaspartic surface decoration layer.
◆ 200910252150.0 An aliphatic hydroxyamino polyether and its preparation method.
◆ 201710158809.0 An aspartic ester self leveling coating and its preparation method.
◆ 201710714596.5 A high-strength polyaspartic polyurea waterproof coating and its preparation method.
◆ 201611244525.5 A synthetic method of isocyanate curing agent.
◆ 201710634179.X Two-component polyaspartic polyurea rigid adhesive and its application.
◆ 201710763825.2 Polyaspartic polyurea fast drying elastic coating for wind blades and its preparation method.
◆ 201710774758.4 A polyaspartic ester urea adhesive and its construction technology.
◆ 201711342078.1 A kind of non-solvent polyaspartic polyurea waterproof repairing material.
◆ 201711445934.6 A preparation method of aspartic ester perfusion sealant.
◆ 201810429201.1 A synthetic method of oil resistant primer resin for oil stained concrete floor.


2、Enterprise standards (started in 2012) 

Polyaspartate polyurea elastic waterproof coating (Q/FY 2-2011)

Polyaspartate polyurea anti-corrosion coating (Q/FY 3-2011)

Polyurea elastic exterior wall coating (Q/FY 4-2011)


3、Industry standard

Polyurea car paint standard, jointly formulated by China FAW, Feiyang and other in 2015

Overhead pipelines polyurea coating standard   Standard code: SY/T73472016

Polyaspartic polyurea anticorrosion coating standard   Standard code: HG/T 5368-2018